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Leavenworth County Planning and Zoning department exists to create and maintain a desirable quality of life for all residents, protect our common environments, and to promote the public health, safety, and welfare. Our first and foremost desire is to work with our citizens in a way that meets their aims, goals, and ambitions. Through your elected officials, you shape the regulatory environment and our land use patterns and habits. The function of Planning & Zoning is to protect the health, safety and welfare of County residents by enforcing the Zoning & Subdivision Regulations and the policies set forth in the Comprehensive Plan.

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Whenever any property connected to, or served by, a private sewage treatment system is offered for or subject to a contract of sale, an inspection of the on-site sewage management system shall be required to verify compliance with the Leavenworth County Sanitary Code.

For additional information see the protocol, resolution, and forms under Planning and Zoning page: Forms - Septic Information.