The Mission of the Public Works Department is to provide the necessary training and resources to its employees that allows them to provide services to the County's residents accurately, timely, in a professional manner, compliant with Federal, State and County regulations, and in a responsive manner that leads to citizen satisfaction.

The vision of the Public Works Department is to see that its efforts result in improved public streets, roads, bridges, rights of way, and traffic safety; providing convenience, safety, and comfort to the users of public infrastructure.

The Department of Public Works maintains approximately 770 miles of County Road, of which there are:

We also maintain 153 bridges and 313 culverts throughout Leavenworth County.

The Department of Public Works has 93 pieces of heavy equipment and a work force of approximately 60 people, of which most work out at the County Shop located at 23690 187th Street.  The main office is located at the Courthouse in room 7 of the basement.

Records that are available in the office include: